Interlock has produced and contributed to many music videos.
We love music.

Agostino Ferrente's musical documentary is about organizing immigrants in an old, low-income neighborhood of Rome into a band performing the music of their native lands—Tunisia, India, Morocco, Hungary, Brazil, Cuba, and others. Recently, Netflix's Red Envelope Entertainment and Interlock Media sponsored the first US tour of the documentary film and the actual
Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio. The film follows the group from its beginnings, as Romans Ferrente and Tronco assemble the orchestra from occupants of
"The Esquilino" district, an ancient neighborhood where over 60 ethnicities have created a mini-Babel within Rome. Some have escaped oppressive regimes; others are fleeing the past and working to start anew.

Music and politics comingle in the life, the music, and the film of the Piazza Vittorio residents, who since the beginning of the post-9/11 anti-immigrant campaign in Italy have faced deportations and more.



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