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Interlock’s mission is to promote environmentally sustainable practices and social justice by:

* producing original works in film, video, and new media
* providing media training to enable communities to address critical environmental issues and implement their own long-term strategies

Our work is inspired by the relationship between indigenous peoples and environmental integrity.

Interlock Media is a non-profit organization that produces media on the environment and human rights. Its mission is to support informed empowerment at the grassroots and community level by producing educational mediaworks; by carrying media techniques and technologies to the community level; and guaranteeing that production is an inclusive and diversified process.

By identifying and confronting environmental crises before they reach the mainstream media, Interlock has earned a national reputation for journalistic integrity, intimate visual portrayal and broad program dissemination.

Interlock has won international recognition for investigative research and its ability to deliver scientific information to mass audiences including global climate change.

Expertise in tropical ecology, grassroots rural development, and ethnographic and feature film is backed by extensive fieldwork in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Pacific.

Since 1980, Interlock Media has been a leading source of instructional material on the environment, particularly rain forests, reefs, and wetlands; the land rights of indigenous peoples, and the relationship between child survival and population.

As an independent organization, we have the flexibility and freedom to create in-depth treatments of critical, often controversial issues, and to oversee their distribution to ensure effective, measurable results.

We reach our audiences with dramatic and non-fiction print, television, radio and community-based presentations domestically and throughout the developing world. With our extensive network of contacts developed over the past fifteen years and our commitment to environmental education at the grassroots level, we are often able to identify and engage with issues that only later receive worldwide attention. Our public education efforts to promote tropical rain forest conservation, for example, began more than ten years before significant amounts of programming on that subject reached the mainstream media.

Board of Directors:

Amit Diddee, Director
Anna Lockwood, Telstra
David Kleiler, Film Programmer
Deana Holmes, Wells Fargo
Dinah Buechner, Philanthropist
Doris Dumond, Director
Earle Lane, Director
Jeffrey Izzo, Esq., Music Attorney
Neil Smith, Smith O'Brien Associates

Rebecca Hardin, Anthropologist, University of Michigan

Paul Heinzelmann, MD
Robert Doumond, Director
Simon Colley, MBA, Business Development
Swathi Raghuraaman, Photon Kathaas
Vinca Jarrett, Esq., Entertainment Attorney

Interlock is seeking applications from dynamic individuals from a variety of backgrounds to support our mission and shape Interlock's future.

Emeritus Advisory Board Members:

Peter Reilly, CPA
Claude Berkowitch: UNDP
Stan Franzeen: Wyeth
Thomas Watkins: CNN
Deborah Kirk: Magazine Editor
George Homsy: Cornell University
Jessica Brown: QLF/Atlantic Center for the Environment
Robert Aaronson: Distribution and Acquisition
Randall Hayes: Rainforest Action Network